TSL Green Growing Solutions: the perfect stadium turf with high-tech

up-to-date technological with the latest biological-ecological know-how

Fully automatic irrigation

Our Green Growing System is also capable of professionally irrigating the pitch in your stadium. Sensors in the soil notify the system when your turf needs watering. The system then switches on automatically and atomises the water, so that it is uniformly distributed over the playing surface. It trickles slowly into the ground in the same way as steady rain. The turf manager adjusts the system according to the area in square metres of the turf, e.g. 330 m2 for a soccer field, and is able to see at any time how much water is being distributed over the surface.

Reels and guidance elements protect the turf and your back

Whereas in conventional solutions hoses (and also heavy cables) have to be laboriously transported and dragged along the edge of the pitch during irrigation, we install reels at the edge of the playing field. They wind and unwind – separately of course – water hoses and power cables fully automatically.

All the cables and hoses are housed in special guidance elements. They prevent the usual unsightly marks left on turf. This solution also dispenses with the need to bring a tractor unit onto the grass, whose wheels also leave behind marks. A welcome additional benefit: our system facilitates the tasks of turf managers and protects their backs.

TSL Green Growing Solutions: smart and practical

All the devices in our system are automatically deployed and are infinitely adjustable: no manual support is required. Its design excludes the possibility of any damage to turf caused, for example, by wheels. Starting up and stopping takes places evenly.

The TSL systems can be adjusted for height. For illuminating turf they are suspended 1.5 metres approx. above the ground. If required they can be moved upwards. This means that you can comfortably move about and work underneath the system, when mowing the pitch for example.

Likewise the system can be retracted to a width of just 2.5 metres and can be stored at the edge of the playing field or elsewhere, so that the spectators can fully concentrate on the game.

TSL Green Growing Solutions:

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