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High energy efficiency through the use of LEDs: grass grows – costs shrink

Our innovative Green Growing System resolves an expensive problem in professional sport: it illuminates the surfaces of pitches suffering from a lack of light in sports stadiums so as to stimulate grass growth, even under stadium conditions. Our systems work using highly efficient LED/infrared technology. This alone reduces the energy costs for the indispensable task of illuminating turf by more than one half. This means that an investment in the TSL Green Growing Solutions System pays for itself within a maximum of two years. All in all our customers can save up to 80% of their operating costs.

Conventional lamps: unwieldy and expensive

Sports stadiums mostly use rolled turf. This type of turf requires intensive care and the high stress to which the turf is exposed during matches means that it needs to be regularly replaced. This usually occurs three or four times a year. For a playing field in the German Bundesliga, a new pitch costs well in excess of EUR 100,000. Until now clubs delayed replacing their turfs by irradiating the surface of the pitch with energy-intensive sodium/halogen metal vapour lamps. This approach caused energy costs to soar to around EUR 350,000 per year.

Turf has to be replaced less often

Our system eliminates up to two turf replacements every year. This is because the newly seeded grass grows up to 70% faster with the aid of TSL Green Growing Systems than illumination using conventional lamps. Even during the winter break, newly seeded areas sprout after just three days.

LEDs optimally adjustable to the requirements of grass

Another reason why sodium/halogen metal vapour lamps cannot attain the results obtained using LED/infrared technology is because they have little in common with natural light irradiation: the lamps can only be switched on or off, but not dimmed. Their colour spectrum is also suboptimal for growing grass.

We had our innovation intensively tested and checked by the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IME in Aachen. The scientists there analysed turf growth for different types of grass for a wide range of climate conditions, temperatures and radiation spectra.

Development of the perfect solution for all types of turf

Based on the results at the IME we optimise the configuration of the LED spotlights with regard to energy efficiency and growth for each type of playing surface. Important adjustment criteria in this respect are the number of spotlights, the distance to the surface of the pitch and the optimal light spectrum. We cater for all types of grass, combinations of different types of grass in the same sod and, naturally, the widespread different types of hybrid turf. No matter whether the renovation of existing turf or reseeding is involved, our system provides fully automatic assistance to turf managers in maintaining the optimal playing conditions of their pitches both in summer and winter.

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