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Summer and winter modes separately adjustable

Growth and temperature can be adjusted separately in our Green Growing Solutions Systems. The TSL systems are equipped with a summer mode and a winter mode. In summer only LEDs are employed. They hardly give off any heat and only require a tenth of the energy consumed by sodium vapour lamps. The system continuously analyses sun radiation in order to determine how long the system has to operate. This method not only saves energy costs, it also protects your turf on hot days from the double stress caused by a high ambient temperature and the heat given off by lamps.

No emission of heat without stimulation of growth

Together with an under-soil heating system, the TSL system also ensures that the temperatures required for your turf to grow without interruptions are maintained when frosty weather sets in. During cold weather, grass growth is also stimulated by infrared lamps. They kick in at between eight and twelve degrees Celsius.

Soil sensors automatically recognise when your turf requires warmth and switch off automatically when no further warmth is required. This reduces costs in comparison to conventional illumination systems employing sodium/halogen metal vapour lamps by more than 50%. The energy required for heat generation is only applied on precisely those days when this stimulates the growth of the grass. On all other days you reduce unnecessary energy consumption thus saving costs. The efficiency of the infrared lamps is 100%.

From sensors in the soil to your smartphone

Sensors in the soil continuously measure temperature, soil moisture and the degree of fertilisation. The data is collected by a computer system that controls the TSL system with the aid of this data in a fully automatic manner. You can have all the data and accompanying documentation sent to your smartphone and view and assess them comfortably using a specially developed app.

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