TSL Green Growing Solutions: the perfect stadium turf with high-tech

up-to-date technological with the latest biological-ecological know-how

 halves your energy costs

In comparison with conventional systems, our technology requires significantly less energy. This high energy efficiency allows all users to make significant cost savings. Your energy budget alone is reduced by up to 50 percent. Therefore, an investment in our system pays for itself within a maximum of two years. And what’s more, our Green Growing Solutions respect the environment.

Ideal for any type of turf and stadium

We can tailor our illumination and irrigation system to your sports arena and to the particular characteristics of any type of turf or turf mixture. Our services naturally include final assembly, commissioning and a thorough briefing at the site. Turf managers appreciate our hands-on solution and the fact that the system is simple and comfortable to operate.

Have we awakened your curiosity? Find out more here about our offer and contact us and allow us to accompany you on a visit to a reference project, to enable you to see at first hand the benefits of our Green Growing Solutions.