TSL Green Growing Solutions: with high-tech to the perfect stadium turf

up-to-date technology with the latest biological-ecological know-how

TSL Green Growing Solutions GmbH was founded in 2015 by the mechanical engineer and entrepreneur Georg Tsivikis in Stolberg/Rhineland. It grew out of TSM GmbH, which Tsivikis had already set up in 2005 and which he proceeded to expand into a worldwide market leader. TSM GmbH develops and constructs innovative systems for the rubber and textile industries. Its renowned customers mainly come from the automobile and construction sectors.

The company is known for its innovations. The creation of TSL Green Growing Solutions GmbH following the initial idea was also preceded by two years of technical feasibility studies, scientific contract research and product development. The positive results garnered led to the foundation of TSL GmbH with its own business division: the manufacture of fully automatic illumination and irrigation systems for sports stadiums.

TSL GmbH is located a few minutes by car from Aachen. The high-tech company harnesses its close ties to the technology centre Aachen with its University of Excellence RWTH Aachen University and the associated institutes. In order to provide a sound financial basis for the functional capabilities of the Green Growing Solutions Systems developed by it and optimise their implementation, TSL GmbH commissioned the Fraunhofer Institute for Molecular Biology and Applied Ecology IMEto carry out corresponding analyses. This means that the results obtained combine current technological knowledge with the latest biological and ecological know-how.

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